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Handicapping in sport and games, is the practice of assigning address through scoring compensation or other benefits to different candidates to equalize the chances of winning. The term also applies to a variety of methods, which interest is calculated. In principle, the most experienced player is disadvantaged, so as to allow less experienced players involved in the game or sport, while maintaining fairness. Handicap refers to the various ways in which spectators can predict and measure the results of sports matches.
The handicappers can be interpreted as the people who work daily research, concluded from a number of possible results based on the data and analyze which he obtained from anywhere, such as news in print, television, internet, or from chat the other observer.
From ancient times until today in every country will be found in almost every sport there is a reliable handicapper. The handicapper does not do the job for free. Usually they require registration through their websites. It could be in the form of monthly, quarterly or yearly.

For a good handicapper always have a super-sharp analysis. Someone who always do or always betting on “favorit lay” on something that is risky is not a good handicapper. Betting on favorites can mean the person is always bet at low odds, because the odds of such show any superiority of the player / team ‘on paper’, while at the “risk of lay” such as the “lay” the correct score 3-3 which has odds 120.
Professional handicapper always knows what they are doing. If the odds on the “money line” too high, then they will move to the odds “run line” (for baseball) or “puck line” (for ice hockey), and other alternatives and not just specific to the type of game that’s it.

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