Keylogger is software that is new in the current computer technology. And don’t you think poorly of software with this one. Talk about a keylogger, this software could be pros and cons. Why? In a note of how it works, the keylogger is working as a spy. When you access the internet through a computer or laptop that has installed a keylogger, and then you open an account such as, facebook, twitter, email, etc., all data and passwords you will be recorded with this software, let alone your internet access in a public place who installed a Keylogger. As a result, the data that you access on the internet is very easy to be stolen and misused.

What is a keylogger? Keylogger is a tool that can be either hardware or software. This device is created with the purpose to monitor keystrokes on the keyboard. Usually a keylogger will save the results of monitoring the keyboard keystrokes into a log file or record. Some of the specific keylogger even designed specifically for her record results to send specific e-mail periodically. Keylogger in the form of hardware typically has a size that is comparable to the size of the batteries (AA). This device is mounted on the ends of the keyboard. Hardware type of Keylogger is rarely used and not very popular. While the keylogger in the form of software, is installed in the computer is hidden.