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Marketing a product or service business enterprises be improved from time to time in order to better achieve maximum results. Increased marketing includes the methods applied, the marketing model used, the marketing reach, and the budget used. Marketing managers must always do these things and evaluate all factors that the purpose of marketing that will achieve the expected results. Marketing model is increasingly popular at the moment is through internet marketing. Why is that, due to reach a broader market, the information is quickly accessible, and tends to be more effective in terms of operating costs? Main points to consider in internet marketing is the domain or site name will be used, because the use of domain names that are consistent with the material / product is marketed will have more value in terms of SEO.

Selection of domain name can be done by using the services of the website domain registration providers, such as at DomainTools. In addition, the facility DomainTools we can find out if a domain that we specify is already used or not. Then we can also know the domain names of the competitor’s product or service will we sell, see the owner’s name, address domain owner, domain age, and also reverse whois. With data from the whois, we can determine and initiate steps to compete in the internet marketing through the domain name that we wish to use. For more information about DomainTools, please open the site located at

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