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netspotTechnological developments one of which produces software known as wifi (Wireless Fidelity). Simply wifi is a means of a cable replacement (wireless) computer so that we can access the Internet and LAN. So if ever we need to find cables and extra devices to connect to the LAN, then with wifi, we do not have to bother looking for the cord, but it’s enough just to find a signal. When the signal is found (and you are allowed to enter), then you will be connected to the Internet and LAN.

Setting that is required is the same as regular LAN connection. From the LAN side should already have a DHCP server (which provides the IP settings, DNS, Default Gateway, automatically), so the computer can simply use an existing default (i.e. Automatic Configuration). Later when the computer reads the signal from the AP, automatically configure a wifi card in the computer will be adjusted.

As a consequence of the wifi technology, emerged as a hotspot for free internet facility through wifi in public places such as on campuses, cafes, libraries, and so on, so that prospective users of the service need software scanners for the hotspot network, this is to know the range of a wifi signal from the device being used. So it will easier for us when they want to do the addition of devices and expand wireless coverage area. Netspot is Mac wifi site survey that will help us to more easily and faster in detecting network hotspot with how to operate a very easy too. Unique simplicity, only two steps to get your first report: survey of wifi network and use visualizations thin. Netspot software can be downloaded for free at the website

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