KOBELCO Spare Parts Catalogue


Selection of type of truck can be based on the weight of the load being transported and the route impassable. For business needs that require the transport of heavy goods, of course you should not choose a light weight truck. Just imagine if a real truck to transport the eggs were given to carry the burden of iron. Do not be surprised if you find bald tires will be faster, faster frame fragile, and as easily broken. It was not one of his truck, but wrong in his election.

After getting the right type of truck, such as type of truck KOBELCO then do not forget to perform regular maintenance. Caring for a large vehicle is different types of trucks from treating private cars (passengers). Commercial vehicles that need extra attention because of two factors. First, as the mainstay of business, of its mobility is quite high. Second, the routes who pass plus often heavy-laden burden. Reliable as any truck used, if the usage is too enslaved it will affect less well on the performance of the truck.

The main focus in the treatment of KOBELCO truck is the engine. In motor vehicles, machines like the life in living things. If the engine has problems, the truck would be difficult to work. Health depends on food machinery, namely oil. Provision should be routine to the type of oil viscosity as recommended.
Another important part is the selection of spare parts KOBELCO. Selection of spare part in workshops that provide KOBELCO spare parts catalogue, it is appropriate and helps us to find spare parts quickly and completely. This item is like an organ for the vehicle. Although the spare part only in the form of small parts, if that part is not functioning properly, comfort and even driving safety can be compromised. Therefore, you should use original spare parts KOBELCO output truck manufacturer.

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