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Creativity is a positive thing possessed by man, both of which arise because of the talent as well as developing a knowledge acquired by learning. Creativity will be positive if used correctly and placed in the right place anyway. With creativity, a lot of things that can be created, developed, or acquired, and not have to cost a fortune. One example of creativity is writing. Writing poetry, short stories and freelance articles, and so on is a simple example of creativity, but when occupied will generate many benefits. With the facilities that we have internet connection, then we can easily develop a talent for writing in the blog world, join the online forum, as well as freelance writing community.

Ability in terms of writing should be developed and we made a means of gaining income by joining the site that provides a freelance writer jobs. Indeed, many sites that promise a job as a freelance writer, but many of them are not legal and just as a SCAM. For that, where legal and appropriate for us to be working freelance writing is joining the “”. By joining a member, then our writing skills will be rewarded in the form of money. Interesting is not it? To get started, please join the site located at

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