Treatment of Impotence

Healthy body is very urgent to be maintained, from the outermost part of the body to the organs in the body. The pattern of life, nutrition, activity, and environmental conditions is a factor that greatly affects the health of the body. One of the health problems that often occur is impotence. Impotence can happen at any age. Impotence can you prevent and treat you with consumption of some supplements. This supplement not only to impotence, but for the health of other organs as well. Here are some supplements that you can use to prevent impotence:
– Green Tea; can burn fat in your body. Fat is not good for your body because it can cause impotence. The fat contained in the body can narrow your bloodstream, including to the penis.
– Saw Palmetto; This substance is believed to cure impotence and can improve fitness.
– Fish oil ; can cure impotence and heart attacks. Usually people who suffer from heart, he will also suffer from impotence. Because the heart is not working well which causes your blood flow is not running smoothly.
– Multivitamin; very good for your consumption each day. Multivitamins are created to prevent impotence is a multivitamin that contains iron.
– Creatine; supplement to the likes exercising. Creatine can accelerate muscle recovery and promote muscle growth.
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