Tourism in Turkey is very varied. Located right between the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey is famous for having a unique natural beauty. In addition to this history and culture in Turkey became the attraction that makes many tourists visit there. There are many options of tourist sites in Turkey that you can visit, but at least there are 7 locations that are well known, such as: Istanbul, Edirne, Pamukkale, Selçuk, Göreme, Konya and Safranbolu, in Istanbul there are also many tourist facilities, entertainment venues, theaters, museums, cafes, parks, bars, hotels, restaurants, and others. Night life in Istanbul (Istanbul escort) so attractive and so very luxurious, pampering tourists from local and abroad.

Istiklal is one of the bestselling visited tourists while in Istanbul. Nightlife a magnet which offers a variety of entertainment and pleasure. Its location adjacent to the Taksim Square and Tarlabasi Boulevard. Here there are cafe, restaurants, bookstores, galleries, cinemas, pubs and night clubs with live music and dance. And, of course, offers a variety of dishes full of allure for the nightlife connoisseur.