Tips to calculation staircase

Sometimes when we walk on concrete stairs quickly feel tired, but when going up and down stairs in another place if not feel tired. Why does this happen? The main cause of the problem often lies in the shape and size of the household who are not in accordance with the criteria of convenience, because it could be in making the construction of stairs not made the picture in advance as guidance. Here the task for architects to implement tips on how to create a comfortable stair design.

Conditions to be met to make a good and comfortable ladder are:
– Concrete stairs have a strong structure, the material is not easy to crack, so that when walking on it does not arise because of the danger of the ladder fear will collapse.
– The size and design of the staircase which exactly and truly precision, tips to calculation staircase can measured by stair calculator.
– Minimum width of the staircase adjust the width of the maximum weight that would traverse the stairs. The average adult has a body width of 70 cm so to stay home can make a ladder with a minimum width of 90 cm, 20 cm extra for the empty space.
– Width of the stairs made of about 40 cm, it adjusts the width of a step adult average of 70 cm.
– Height of the steps made up to 30 cm in order not to get tired on the way up and down the stairs.
– On the flat side of the corner section are given step nosing with striped ceramic material or material rough texture so as not to cause slippery
– Staircase must always be clean and well maintained so tasty when passing
– Staircase can be modified according to taste but still consider the elements of comfort and safety