Therapy against excessive sleepiness

Daytime sleepiness is a normal thing for every human being, especially for those who are always busy and not enough sleep at night, but if excessive sleepiness that it will disrupt the daily routine. Exercise regularly for 30 minutes per day can help boost energy. If you plan to increase the training load, the energy level you can go down for a moment, and then increased again in a few hours. Eating foods that contain protein and carbohydrates within two hours after exercise will reduce energy loss. Make sure you complete your exercise a few hours before bedtime so you do not feel too energized for bedtime.

Alternatively, there are two things about naps to keep in mind, that is do not do it more than once a day and do not nap more than one hour, and even then if you do not work in the office, so it is not possible for the workers. Therefore, tips if you’re sleep deprived but must remain in activity during the day, then you can use supplements or drugs to prevent excessive sleepiness, such as the consumption of Artvigil. Consumption of drugs to prevent drowsiness is to be done with consultation and prescription from a doctor, so do not get adverse side effects your health.