The difficulty in selecting plants for your garden? We suggest that you reduce the list of plants that you like and will use. Because if not, then this will be a difficult problem if you provide park land small. Try to avoid this difficulty is to create a framework in a way to pre crop, before you start making a list of plants that will be done to design a garden. Some tips that observed before designing your garden or outdoor space in your home, including:
1. Estimates
Cost is a garden with a small space look like cheap, but may be more expensive. Do not forget to budget for the cost of land shall be changed must you make a small garden. Not to mention if the plants you want included in the plant specimens expensive. Nevertheless there is still a way to overcome that is to make your garden in stages, may need to take several months.
2. Styles Your Gardening
This style can mean a preference for the more suitable color themes, such as perfume or style that actually, like cottage or woodland garden. For this you’ll need to grow a lot more plants than other regions, but unfortunately your space is limited. You may love the red poppy flower, but they will be the focal point in your garden. When choosing plants for the style, this can help in classifying your crop.
3. Preservation.
Because this is a small space garden, maintenance will be less intensive. But be honest with yourself about what you can do. Your garden may look good at first, but many plant breeding and should be divided every few years. Because otherwise they will start to die or be urged other crops.
4. If trouble, then consult garden design and interior design for your home interior specialists, and experts in the art world and all