Technical Passport

The document, that is obligatory mounted on several technical devices. It offers data on the manufacturer’s guarantee, properties and parameters, main values of products. Moreover, it has data on recycling and also certification. The passport works as proof how the system is certified. Without the document, a technical device passport  can’t be utilized in every production process. It is because in addition, it contains instructions regarding how to operate it. It will describe the device in the diverse stages of operation including before production, after and during production. With this technical passport as well eliminates the necessity to hold the device analyzed and tested through personal experts. A passport of the technical device must have the following parts:
– Main data over a machine and technical data;
– System contents;
– Resources, lifetime, service, and also manufacturer’s (supplier’s) guarantees;
– Packing certificate;
– Mothballing;
– Acceptance certificate;
– Device movement in operation;
and more.

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