Site Directory

When you decide to create a website or blog, the one that you think is the target market, the target market may choose global or local, and also find out information on a competitor’s website, and other factors. SEO is actually one of the factors that play a role and influence of a blog page ranking in search engines is the domain, therefore, before performing domain registration, at least we have to think about whether the market share of the blog that we will create a local or global. If local is advisable to use local domain is available, but if our target market globally, it is better to use global domain such as .com, .net, co., Ff. To see and know a competitor’s site or other sites that we wish to make reference in creating websites, we can easily find on the internet. And the fastest way to use the information from the web site directory or catalog.

Tips if during this time we can use a search engine to find information on a blog, then it can only be done by one by one. But if we want to find a blog with more extensive information, and has been categorized neatly, then use the information in the blog directory or website that presents a list of sites based on category, as presented in By looking at a list of sites based categorization is neat and complete, then we can only see the view from a blog that we were looking for, but also can determine traffic, content, information server, year of manufacture, the location server, and so on related to the site.