Letter news, better known by the newspaper, is one of the media information in the community. The newspaper has been regarded as an efficient medium of information, in addition to television and radio. Not only officials or businessmen who read newspapers, but there are parking attendants, vendors, drivers of public transportation, parking attendants, students and others. By reading the newspapers, we are able to keep abreast of current developments, both domestic and from abroad. In essence we all needed information. Information has been regarded as a necessity, not to be missed. Age progresses, the newspaper is not only expressed in physical form on a piece of paper, but is now also present in digital form or in an online portal.

Many kinds of newspaper portal which can be found on the internet, both information portals about the country, sports portals, entertainment portals, computer and software portals, health portals, tech portal, and so on. One of the online newspaper serving the state of complete information and updates, is Rus News Journal. Rus News Journal and Russian news contains information that is presented in a complete and up to date, information about business, politics, economics, sports, education, technology, and all things related to Russia.