Hair loss often occurs, thinning hair came up, and it often occurs in women who are looking at the hair as a crown of beauty. Thus it really is not in want, especially you who pay attention to the appearance. The number of people with hair loss increases each year. The cause of these cases the lack of care or attention to the health. Hair loss can be suffered many ages, both adults, teenagers, and even children are common. Sometimes spicy and oily food, providing enhanced flavors of the food mediocre. But, you should know that the food is the beginning of the emergence of the disease in the body. One of them will scalp of excess oil, and cause hair to fall out or will increase problems such as the appearance of dandruff.

It’s no secret that honey is very much to be able to treat a variety of health problems. So is the hair loss. Honey can make hair become stronger and more fertile. Now, as for how its use by applying honey on the entire surface of the scalp and hair with while doing massage for 10 minutes. Do it this way as routine as possible to get maximum results. In addition, you can use Regaine for women. Regaine for Women is a hair loss treatment that promises results within 32 weeks. Other than having been formulated by healthcare professionals, it is one of the leading hair growth products for women offered by Johnson & Johnson – a trusted brand worldwide. For more information, visit