The development and use of hardware, software, and Internet technologies rapidly once. More and more businesses, organizations, businesses, education, the military, to individuals using the information technology services are more commonly known as “the Information Superhighway”. In line with the growth rate of Internet use is very fast, so the more applications and software required by the user, such as the free trade world applications electronically (electronic commerce), communications networks, and so on. However, it is not without interruption so that the evil aspects of computer network security, as well as communication and information networks, are becoming very popular and important as well is a necessity or an absolute necessity in the future.

One application for the security of communication systems and information, which is useful for protection of information in global networks, which you should know is the security system of VIPole, with an application called VIPole security. Principle granted by the security system is to provide the highest possible degree of information security. This is achieved by using encryption technologies to protect all the data that users transfer or store within VIPole.