Old Movie Poster

Since film technology created by Lumiere brothers in the late 19th century and then, the film has become an indispensable part of people’s lives, both in cities and villages. Watching the film also has become one of the activities to fill leisure time hobby most of us. It felt very few among us who do not like watching, especially for the young executives and office workers in the city ahead every corner of the city was filled with buildings of various cinema. Advances in technology and software, which causes the event to the movies no longer need to be done in the dark cinema halls, was not able to dampen this hobby. The latest technology products, such as DVD, even HD DVD – a promising picture and sound clear as a movie theater, also did not deter fans of the film to move into the favorite cineplex, watch their favorite movies.

On the other hand, theater owners were trying to continue to provide quality service and innovative, in order to watch a movie can become a means of recreation for everyone. When in the 1970s and 1980s, every cinema only play one kind of film only, then now could be available in a cineplex 4, 5, even 10 studio or auditorium, so the audience can freely choose what movie to be watched. If the first while waiting for the screening, there was nothing else to do but enjoy popcorn and a soft drink and a chat with friends, this time a variety of activities available, ranging from playing games, billiards, hotspot, or wash your eyes on in the mall where the cinema is located. For the movie poster today more diverse than the model design, print materials, and the quality of images produced. For those of you who enjoyed the complete movie posters, including those for old movie posters, please visit the website at http://idposter.com/Movie/