Muhammad Ali Best Poster

It’s no secret that Muhammad Ali is a figure very devout Muslim. Although famous ferocious in the ring boxing, inspiration and also boxing legend who died in 2016, always upholds God as a lamp for his life. Muhammad Ali died in hospital at the age of 74 years. Boxer nicknamed The Greatest powerless against Parkinson’s disease who had suffered for 32 years. As Muslims, Ali is known as a very devout. One proof is that when he refused his Walk of Fame at the Holywood installed in the sidewalk. The reason is because he did not want the name “Muhammad” trampled upon, so that only his awards hanging on the wall.

In addition, it has been circulating a video interview of Muhammad Ali who showed himself a pious Muslim. In one occasion, Ali is a boxer who just asked his bodyguard. Ali immediately responded with a little joke while pretending to count. Soon he replied, “No,” but he has one bodyguard. Guards in question is a figure that: He does not have eyes, but the Seer. He did not have ears, but Hearer. He is Given with the help of the mind and memory. When he wants to create something, He stayed shows a command to occur and real, He is God. Muhammad Ali has become a living legend in the field of boxing, but also as mativator and role models for the successor till now. For those of you who want to buy Muhammad Ali cheap posters, please open