Lack of use of the Tin roof to the House, is the leak caused by the hot weather, blemished, rain, and the age of zinc. Corrosion or blemished often occur at the location of the meeting location zinc around the nail or couplers. If this condition is left then the rust on the Tin roof will increase, which could lead to a tin roof houses could be broken, especially in the face of the rainy season or snow. Tips to do easily is replacing with a new zinc, but to replace the zinc requires that costs little and not enough hassle, especially when corrosion is still a little better done patching with glue and durable copper. An inexpensive way to repair a leaky tin roof is to patch the zinc, besides cheap also save time and do not disturb the tranquility and everyday activities at home.

Tips for patching corrosion on zinc, or metal corrosion protection, requires the following ingredients: fiber, elastex, HCl, cromet, paint color, liquid rubber, and the like. If you do not understand the proper batter, then choose a liquid rubber. You can buy in shops closest to you, or if you want to choose a nice liquid rubber’s products and durable, you can buy online on the website located at