Mark Gorenstein

In addition to creating the famous singer, the music world also produces many of the figures, composer, arranger, conductor, and composer of the famous and legendary. Leaders or experts in the field of music tailored to the type and flow of music that they do, although many also found that a person who mastered many musical genres and can be an expert in playing various musical instruments. Mark Gorenstein is one of the world famous musical figures that nationality in Russia, which is much-loved and be a role model for students of music, and other musicians, especially in the field of orchestra.

Mark Gorenstein is a conductor of Russian Symphony Orchestra, which has produced many great orchestral works, such as; Allegro Con Grazia, Allegro Molto Vivace, Finale Adagio Lamentoso-Andante, Francesca Da Rimini Op. 32: Andante Lugubre-Allegro vivo-Andante Cantabile Non Troppo-Allegro Vivo. Wes Phillips, Stereophile, Symphony #6 in B minor Op. 74 “Patheique”: Adagio-Allegro Non Troppo-Andante-Moderato Mosso-Andante- Moderato Assai-Allegro vivo-Andante Come Prima-Andante Mosso, and so on.