Marilyn Monroe Posters

One of the top artists and became a legend of the world famous is Marilyn Monroe. Its proximity to the US President John F. Kennedy could provoke suspicion of conspiracy in the Kennedy family that caused the death of Marilyn. Up to now keep in mind as a symbol Marilyn sexy, and his name is increasingly fluttering along with his death. Marilyn was ranked ninth by Forbes magazine as the famous artist after death. And if we say that the popularity is a symbol of success, there is an interesting story that should we see from the life journey of a Marilyn Monroe. She is not just a legendary figure, but also sensational.

Although Monroe’s childhood was not ideal and he had to move foster families. Marilyn finally managed to prove ability. Evident from his films, one of which is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, drawing the praise of critics. And like a legendary figure of Marilyn became something iconic. Wavy blond hair and red lipstick that became a trademark. Lots of photographs, paintings, videos and Marilyn Monroe posters, adorning various media, including print and online media.