Makhaon Dicom Workstation

Medical and health world more advanced and sophisticated, both in terms of medical instruments, medical software, and also the perpetrators or health experts. X-ray technology or the like, which for detection of the condition of organs in the form of images are also more varied than the tools and supporting applications. One of the medical software in order to assist visually and images of organs, is Makhaon DICOM Workstation, which is part of the Makhaon Workstation. Many of the features and benefits that can be obtained with Makhaon Worksattion software. One of its functions is to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of the existing medical equipment, and increase their capacity, creating additional working storage area for doctors who deal with the equipment in.

Another benefit is to facilitate example remote consultation regarding medical information stored; and, allowing to compare the latest studies and medical advances with previous studies, or studies that obtained from other modalities. Makhaon Workstation allows users to save the studies obtained in the laser medium and provide information quickly. Makhaon Workstation software allows to create an integrated network of DICOM-device available at a health care provider. Makhaon accessible workstation for image processing (MPR, DSA) objectives, as well as capacity expansion module for 3D display and processing.