Make Your Own Phone Case

Mobile case or the mobile phone casing is a tool used to protect mobile order to make it easier to handle. In the process, many are using mobile phone case to give the impression of a more cool or funny on the phone, and it also makes the creativity to create custom mobile case. Case phone itself consists of two types, namely, Hardcase and Softcase. In each case where the mobile phone has the form, materials and function of different although its primary function to protect the hardware phone from dirt, dust, and also of the water ..

So many models, colors, types, and price smartphone case that exist today, from cheap to very expensive because there is a gold-plated case. Having phone case does not have to be expensive, but the uniqueness and customization that can make pride. If you have creativity and want to make the case unique phone according to your taste, then you can get a lot of choice rough design or template for all brands of mobile phones, and you can make your own cases. Many choices of smartphones attractive case design can be found in