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John Christopher Depp or familiarly called Johnny Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, June 9, 1963. Johnny was the son of the couple engineer John Christopher Depp and saleswoman Betty Sue Palmer. He was the youngest of four siblings. The third brother Johnny is; Daniel P. Depp, Elisa Christie Depp-Dembrowski, and Deborah J. Depp. After growing up, the family dozens of times Johnny must move home. Counted 20 times they move house before finally settling in Miramar, Florida in 1970. When he was 15 years old, handsome actor’s parents decided to divorce. It reflects poorly on Johnny Depp. He turned into a young man with a strange temperament, and he often did things to hurt himself, including tattoos. Johnny Depp also was interested in music. However, he and the band, Six Gun Method, broke up before they could record their songs.

Johnny Depp’s life and career changed when he married Lori Anne Allison. Women who had married for the second year provides an opportunity to get acquainted with Nicolas Cage. With the help of Nicolas, Johnny gets a chance audition for the movie “Nightmare on Elm Street” which later became the initial debut in 1984. The name is Johnny Depp began a target of several film productions. He recorded starred in “Private Resort” (1985) and “Platoon” in 1986. The drastic changes in Johnny Depp’s career occurred when he accepted the role of Tommy Hanson in the TV series “21 Jump Street”. Gait increasingly recognized via a serial award winning Best Drama Series at the event Imagen Foundation Awards 1988. Even very many girls who like the series “21 Jump Street” for later idolized Johnny Depp. If anyone wants to buy Johnny Depp t-shirts, just open