How to convert JPG to ICON

Icon can be said is a small image that has an important function in the world of computers and the internet. Therefore, the icon will enable us to identify any program or menu that has been created. So besides giving a name to the program, giving the icon or thumbnail images is also very necessary for others to easily recognize and remember the program, as well as symbols on a website in the address bar. So how to convert JPG to ICON? Actually, quite a lot of ways that we can do to create an icon that is nice and cool, either with the help of software or use applications that are presented online sites. If you want to try a more complicated way to use some software like illustrator, Photoshop, Freehand, Corel Draw, and more. To manually by using the software, you will first need to know the menus and their functions in the software to be used.

The simple way, easy, and fast to create an icon is with jpg to ico converter, which can be obtained with the help of an online tool or application icon converter free (JPG / GIF / PNG) that exist on the internet site. This method is suitable carried by you who are beginners in terms of making icon. It can be said that the results of the ICON are made not comparable with manually through the help of software, but think it does not matter as long as we can create a work of his own. Results of the icon that you created you can later put on the logo of a blog, or used as a favico site, icon folder, icon program, etc. So, if you feel bored with the menu or icon software on a laptop or computer, you can change the icon as desired.