How to choose a programmer

Programmer is the one who is able to make the program / software or applications that can run the hardware. Although the programmer is a hobby but not a few people who make it work and even dependent on this profession. Programmers any specific field of their competence will tend to have many chances to get money or a job, especially for programmers who are proficient and have joined the professional institution. Many controlled studies or expertise programmer, both of programming website, application developers, software developers, antivirus, and also the creator of the game. Programmers will be targeted and reliable expertise requested by the institution or company that is developing the business into a wider path and sophisticated.

There is now a growing number of programmers that offer services via the internet, either independently or as a group on a particular company, so it will be a separate option for us to be in need of his expertise. Independent programmers sometimes make us feel free to use his services, although doubts were not always justified. If so then how to choose a programmer, then we must choose the programmers exist in the scope of a professional organization, such as those in