The phenomenon of proliferation of street children in various countries is a complex social issue. Life became street children is not an option that is fun, because they are in a condition that did not clear the future, and their existence is not uncommon to be a “problem” for many people, families, communities, and countries. However, attention to the plight of street children have not been very great, and be a solution, but they need help, concern, and we have to help the children, with a variety of ways that we can do to help them. One form and organization that can take an example in order to care for abandoned children, are at: This Child Here – Odessa, Ukraine. As with any program of social activities is a noble mission and vision are performed by members in This Child Here.

This Child Here a registered 501 (C) (3) non-profit. The fund programs designed to help vulnerable youth and children in Ukraine: on the streets, in shelters, homes or Orphanages, and to help, Encourage, and motivate those youth and children to imagine a future and pursue it. Vision: This Child Here envisions a world of emotionally healthy children supported by nurturing families.