As computer users, both individuals and groups, of course, we always need some of the software we use for everyday activities with computers. One of the operating system that is widely used today, and perhaps we as computer users for a long time, is the Windows OS. As Premium operating system and widely used of course many computer and software application developers who make various kinds and types of software to support Windows. Some of them such as: antivirus, multimedia tools, graphics applications, office applications, data applications, music player, application servers, security tools, browsers, web software, and so on. Variations of supporting software windows, divided into 3 types of licenses, namely; premium software, semi-premium and free software.

For us as a user of course want to choose and use the applications that are included in the free software for Windows. We do not need to be confused to find or download free software for the Windows, because we can get it easily and completely at a site located in