Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Treat erectile dysfunction can be done in several ways. Currently there are several ways to treat erectile dysfunction are used in society. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition of the penis is unable tense, either temporarily or permanently when it would have sexual intercourse with a woman. Men affected by sexual dysfunction will not feel completely happy in his life. Although sex is not the main purpose of marriage, yet harmonious conjugal relationship is often influenced by their sexual health. Life without sex like vegetables without salt, so it will taste bland. Causes of impotence or erectile dysfunction comes from several factors. Ranging from chronic diseases, nutrition is not balanced, psychiatric problems, until bad habits that made men. At the ripe age of men who experience erectile dysfunction is usually caused by excessive stress due to the growing cost of living soar while income has not increased.

Sexual health problems experienced by young men, between 20-35 years, at this time many are caused by wrong lifestyle. Association with friends who bring them to consume drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol, and staying up late every night. Fast food consumption habits can also cause a variety of chronic diseases due to accumulation of bad fats in the body. So it is not surprising that the incidence of erectile dysfunction is now happening to young adult. After knowing the cause of impotence in men, then you can take a further step to erectile dysfunction treatment in accordance with the type of cause, or perform preventive to avoid the disease.