ED Sheeran Poster

Almost every interview Ed Sheeran always mention the name of Damien Rice as a musician who inspired him musically. Damien, musicians and singers famous Irish with Blower’s Daughter song that inspired Ed to write songs, although previously he had fallen in love with music. Ed has been playing guitar since the age of 11 years. Love him on the guitar that made love music and singing. When he grew up, he was inspired by The Beatles and Bob Dylan. However, Damien Rice is a very big musical influence for him.

As a child, Ed Sheeran never invited his father to watch the show Damien. After watching that show, the singer of “Lego House” is so wanted musically. His father took him to Damien show in Dublin, Ireland. After that, Ed met with Damien backstage, and Ed told me that he wanted to really be able to write a song. Damien gave great advice on Ed, and Ed can honestly say that Damien is one of the most important inspiration for Ed. For fans of Ed Sheeran, whether you are a woman or a man, you could have Ed Sheeran posters with good quality, simply by opening the link in http://idposter.com