Drugs Information

Presumably the need for education for the public use of the drug, so that they are knowledgeable in the use of drugs. Knowledge of the drug is not domination doctor or pharmacy party alone. When intelligent community in the use of drugs, then we can build a society that is healthy and quality, because we as consumers can not continue to rely on the physician us. As an example case, no prescription a pediatrician who turns in a recipe gives two antibiotics. The one mixed in powdered drug (ie Lapimox, containing amoxicillin) and the other in the form of syrup (Xepanicol containing cholarampenicol). Both are broad-spectrum antibiotics. Broad-spectrum antibiotics are antibiotics that work to eradicate all kinds of bacteria, this can lead to superinfection.

Superinfection can lead to microbial pathogenicity (disease causing) to pathogens due to antibiotic resistance due to excessive administration. Worse, if the medicine runs out consumers buy Xepanicol back again because it was comfortable with the doctor drugs given, and do not know if in fact already contained in the drug powder antibiotics. This is what needs to be a common concern and thoroughness of the medical side. Tips for information about medicines and drugs, go to the website at http://edudrugs.com/