Driver Download

For those of you who are beginners may never set a specific hardware on the computer such as a printer or scanner or a USB modem on, once plugged suddenly appeared warning that says; welcome to the found new hardware wizard, and as confused and do not understand what it means that you immediately press the cancel button, so that in the lower right corner will appear such notification; “A problem occurred during hardware installation. Your new hardware might not work properly. Keep in mind that most of the hardware, it will not be able to run or not run at all without the presence of a suitable driver software installed in the operating system. Device drivers, generally will be loaded into the kernel space on the operating system during the boot process is done, or on demand (when no user intervention or insert a device plug-and-play).

Some operating systems also offer a device driver that runs in user space (userspace) operating system. Some drivers have been incorporated into the operating system by default during installation, but a lot of hardware, especially new ones, can not be supported by the drivers default operating system. If the hardware drivers you need and want to download the driver for free, go to the website located at