Doctor Who Posters

For fans of the movie and TV series, of course always routinely follow the story-line presented, and also has a collection of photos, wallpapers, and posters. Including for those who are very fond of the Doctor Who series, they regularly watch, and have pictures of the characters. and if they wanted to have the posters, they do not hesitate to buy Doctor Who posters in-store posters, including in-store posters online.

One thing that is interesting, that Doctor Who has been a great achievement of the BBC. As the series has played 50 years, many of the actors who played in Doctor Who also had a role in another BBC series, who knows what things affect this. And unfortunately this great series is still not evenly played on TV stations in keeping the country in Asia, while series like this, not less interesting than the drama of East Asia frequently played. Moreover, several series such as Doctor Who was also intended as a series of children to viewing by all ages, especially because the series is the theme of heroism of people who do not like violence or weapons, unlike most anime that the theme of heroism in terms of the fight.