Simplicity is important in the design of the user interface. The more that is done to control the display on the screen at any time, the more time it takes a user to figure out how to use an application interface and software. When there is little choice, available functions become clearer and easier to understand. Simplify the interface is not easy, especially if you do not want to limit the functionality of the application, or when your ability to design applications, only few and limited. If you need more knowledge about the design of the application, presentation models, designs management, and web studio, then you need to consult with experts, one of whom is the Marquetter.

Maquetter allows you to perfectly maintain the prototype of multiple designs within the same resource. It also has a user-friendly purpose of hidden visibility, both for the whole designs and also for the design of individual pages and for prototypes. For more information, just visit the website located at