Technical regulation is a form of regulations set by the Government and has a direct or indirect connection with the standards and conformity assessment. The rules set out in a technical regulation often include conformance to standards, specifications or procedures for assessment according national or international standards, but also may contain additional requirements made ??by the government (eg the label on the product specifications, declaration of conformity). Product certification is the establishment of a third party that a product meets the standards. Activities are carried out through a system of conformity assessment. The third-party products that declare conformity with these standards, shall be competent to certify the product by applying the ISO / IEC Guide 65 and IAF Guidance on the application of ISO / IEC Guide 65.

The procedure of declaration is almost identical to certification process of the product. The declaration must be registered in the certification center, the which has the state accreditation. Code of the certification center is assigned to the declaration and the Necessary supporting document serial number. The declaration of conformity is recorded based on the protocol (the act), compiled the results of tests (research) of selected samples of the products or the results of the technical expertise of the manufacturer documentation.