Presently in every  institutions, office, companies and schools have computers and network systems. The computer system has become the tools which are really being part of an organization. To accomplish the computers labs and networks have course required an application that can be utilized to manage and monitor the activity from the user, be it for the client, as well as sub-client on the company, so as, regularity, and also the effectiveness of controls on computer performance. One of the software that really must be set up on a computer network, is actually a computer monitoring software.

Many applications may be used to monitor the computer users ‘ activity, either in a big network of computers and small computer networks, and privately owned. One of the monitoring software is nice and you may use is LanAgent. Many features and kinds which are displayed in the software, including LanAgent; Keystrokes recording, Screenshot recording, Installing and removing agents remotely, Report wizard, Stealth Mode Installation and Monitoring, Application monitoring,  System Event Monitoring, High-level operation protection, etc.