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VPS is often also referred to as a server side technology on operating systems and software that allows a machine with a large capacity is divided into multiple virtual machines. Each virtual machine’s airport system and software operating independently and with rapid configuration. In this regular VPS is unmanagement (managed by the user himself). In another sense, VPS administered vacancies in which users organize everything needed without the intervention of a VPS provider. However, for the OS has been provided at the time of booking. So that should not worry about installing the OS. In addition, regular VPS also provides 2 different storage in order, namely: VPS SSD and KVM VPS.

While in Private VPS is a solution for those of you who need web hosting services over Reseller Web Hosting. VPS Package + WHM / cPanel, you will have a web server facility with greater capacity and more flexible. This package is perfect for who want full control of VPS without worrying about technical problems. Data storage is provided in two different media, namely: Private WHM SSD and Private WHM. VPS SSD have access times of 100 times faster than a regular drive. With the speed I / O higher and lower failure rate offered by VPS SSD, the access time of your application will increase significantly. If you’re looking for a good hosting services and professional, you can choose GMHost service. Many of the benefits that would be obtained if you subscribe in GMHost, such as; 24/7 fast support, competitive price, free unmetered bandwidth, fast SSD, free transfer help, KVM hardware virtualization, free test, and many more.