Britney Spears Posters

The figure of Britney Spears is a top singer and artist who many achievements, alcoholism, and also likes to create a sensation. Many album tracks and video clips have been created, many photographs, pictures, and Britney Spears posters were scattered in many countries, because so many fans of this pop star. Britney was in love with a man who works as a pilot in 2007, namely John. During courtship with John, Britney managed to recover from addiction to alcohol.

John reportedly died after a helicopter flown shot down by Taliban forces outside Kabul. John, who was then aged 44 years, working as a helicopter pilot for a contracting company. At that time, Britney Spears was in shock when I heard former lover, John Sundahl was killed in Afghanistan. Hearts Britney was so devastated because although it has been broken, but their relationship remains intimate and close.