Bob Marley Posters

Bob Marley is a phenomenal figure of the artist and is very well known since the era of the 80s, and was very popular dubbed the Father of Reggae Music. Not just phenomenally during his career and his life, but also for who had horrendous death of the world and especially for the fans. Bob Marley had reportedly died in 1985 at the age of 30 years, whereas the true facts based DNA test showed that Bob Marley was found death as “homeless” in 2015. The news is of course very shocking the public and fans wherever he asks for period of 40 years, the Bob disappeared?

The stories told by the Government of Jamaica, Bob Marley was deliberately faked his death because was tired of having pursued media. In going through this desire, the Jamaican government given the support they will receive royalties from the album of this legendary reggae singer. Bob Marley’s death is quite tragic, of a large star with all the fame he has, but eventually should be forced to live a life of suffering under the poverty line. For the lovers of reggae and Bob Marley legendary figure, who really want to have posters and pictures in HD quality and good poster, you can buy Bob Marley posters, in