Bob Dylan Nobel

Bob Dylan is one of the world’s legendary musicians who some time ago was awarded the Nobel. Bob Dylan is a singer and poet born in May 1941 that became the pride of the United States. Poem or song lyrics Bob Dylan was never worn by time. Where lyric and often incorporate elements of political, social, philosophical, and literary. The works of Dylan idolized in the 1960s when the US socio-political situation is raging. Some songs like Blowin ‘in the Wind and The Times They Are a-Changin became the anthem of the civil rights and opposition to the Vietnam War.

Dylan is a legend that already transmit the culture and the music for over five decades. Dylan is the figure of the creator of the music of various genres. During the past 50 years career, he has been exploring different kinds of music, from folk, blues, country, rock and roll, and so forth. One by Bob Dylan as a teenager, a poem titled Little Buddy even been auctioned at a fantastic price. If you are a fan of Dylan, then you are required to have a photo and posters of good quality. You can get a variety of Bob Dylan photos, posters and other prints by visiting