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Aspects of the technology has developed very rapidly. Developments in the technological aspects influence the development in the aspects of health, education, information, business, and other sectors, and today has many aspects of product yield technology used in the aspects of education. One example of the technology products that are used in the educational aspect, namely as a medium of learning and as a field of study. As one aspect of technology development is quite fast and also to contribute to the educational aspects of computer technology. Developments in the world of computers is quite fast considering almost all the time popping up a wide range of programs, software, and new applications.

Among the many programs the presence of the new application, comes the Java programming language. Java is an object oriented programming language (OOP) is a powerful way in organizing and software development. Java development is quite rapidly since its use as a standard language in the Internet world that began in 1995. The development of Java more days will be increased again considering the increasingly widespread use among users of the Internet, cell phones, and other gadgets. Blog information about Java, please open at