Best Premium WordPress Theme

WordPress (WP) is very interesting because in the official directory there are about 2000 free theme. And Theme offered is very compact so that it can be directly used in our WordPress blog. Coupled with a variety of unofficial theme directory that provides free and premium WP theme. When selecting WP theme, you will be faced with offers features very much. Even a lot of features that you really do not know what its function for. If you like the theme of the display, select it, and if you do not like, do not need to be installed. It’s that easy, because the decision is WP theme is your personal taste and not in its features. There are many sites that offer light WP theme, so the blog will be fast loading. In fact, the effect is not how, where differences between the themes that are very heavy, with a lighter theme will not exceed 500KB.

Do not be easily obsessed with advertising WP Theme mobile-friendly or responsive, do not waste your time. Because all the popular theme WP generally been responsive and mobile-friendly. Not only are premium themes, free themes, too. Avoid pirated themes and plugins to be installed on your blog, because it has a lot of themes and plugins pirated already injected virus. Always download and purchase theme and plugin WP from a trusted place. If you want to buy a premium WP theme with lots of options and features, visit the website at