Band Saw Blades

Chainsaw is a useful tool for cutting tools workpieces, such as wood, plywood, and also certain types of metals. Chainsaws the first machine to determine the process further. Chainsaws is meant metal sawing machine, which can be round shape, straight or continuous.
Different types of chainsaws can be grouped as follows;
a. Saws back and forth, consisting of: horizontal saws, saws, and stingy vertical
b. Round saws, consisting of: hacksaw, steel friction discs, sandpaper disk
c. Saws Belt (belt), comprising: a saw blade, blade shear, and a knife wire

Circular saw blades used in the work shop, often referred to as power saws, similar to a handsaw, the difference, the power saws, the distance to be made more rough, which ranged between 1.8 s / d 10 mm. Solid knife used on a round metal sawing machines, typically have diameters up to 400 mm. However, for reasons of its relatively expensive price, the example when there is a broken or worn teeth can not be replaced (to be replaced in total), then the use of chainsaws is very limited. For information of band saw blades and more, go to the website at