Aubrey Drake Graham Poster

Aubrey Drake Graham, a rapper who came to be known as an artist from Canada who was born in Toronto, on October 24, 1986, the baby of the couple Dennis Graham, a drummer, and Sandi Graham. He was born from a family of musicians, where two of his uncle also was a musician. His parents divorced when he was five years old. He was then raised by his mother and Drake claimed that the divorce of his parents is greatly affected personally. After the death of his father, Drake should be the backbone for his mother. Drake has been reported in the first edition in 2010 of Complex Magazine. In his article, Complex discuss the relationship with Lil Wayne Drake, competition with meaning-new artist, Drake inspiration from former lovers, as well as details of debut album titled; THANK ME LATER.

In 2001, Drake began his career in the field of acting by starring in a movie title Degrassi: THE NEXT GENERATION. Drake completed his role as Jimmy Brooks in the movie of the series in 2009, when Brooks graduated from Degrassi. He starred in 138 episodes of the film. In addition, in 2008, Drake was asked to star in a television movie, Degrassi SPRING BACK MOVIE. And in 2010, he again asked to play the same character in Degrassi TAKES MANHATTAN. In June 2010, Drake was asked to star in a video game called GEARS OF WAR 3. He was asked to play the lead character Jace Stratton, but due to conflicting schedules, the role of these fall into the hands of others. Tips for those of you who want to add a collection of photos and posters Drake Graham, you can buy Drake posters in