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Internet is a means of technology, communication, and information is very broad, very fast, and seemed never-ending, because at any time the content and information that appears constantly moving and evolving dynamically and continuously. With the internet, various business sectors, entertainment, knowledge, and effort that is the real world almost all began to exist also in the online world, through a portal and online sites. Lots of variety, type, design, content, services, and also the dynamics of the websites on the Internet, from a personal blog, small business websites, social media, online forums, online stores, online gaming, online video, and so on until well on-line dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Almost all problems or questions that we wish to find, can be easily and quickly to get an answer when we asked through search site on the internet. Although the accuracy and precision of the questions that we get sometimes is not maximized and less supported by data or a complete history. To that end, if we have a question or want to add a more detailed knowledge and complete from a trusted source, then use the services and content that is presented by the site of Answers Triviador.